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The R.N. International School way of learning revolves around the child. The child’s participation, experience, voice and opinion are what matters to us the most. Our mission as parents and mentors is to enable our children realize their potential and make their dreams come true. Further, with a vision of transforming a young mind into a skilled mastermind and to provide an ambience where education is balanced and rewarding, a school where learning knows no boundaries; a place where students enjoy best co-educational & best residential school studies.
Today, after a decade it stands as a "citadel of learning" and a harbinger of"Quality Consciousness" committed to developing the minds & initiative of children. The vitality of the classrooms, the energy of the playing fields and the open friendliness of the work environment, have enabled its students to reach their fullest potential whether it is securing distinctions in the Board Exam or winning accolades in drama, debates, quizzes or sporting activities. Each child is considered as a whole person. R.N. International School helps them in developing skills, concepts and attitudes necessary for the opportunities and experiences of the future. We aim to prepare children to reach their full potential as responsible citizens. Our school aspires to value everyone associated with it, irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability. We endeavour to motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a safe and secure environment.

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Chairman's Message
The global goal of Education is to envision ‘Education for all’ –not merely in terms of acquisition of learning skills but most importantly the life skills. Children today have the potential to be successful in whatever they do and they will certainly bring a positive change in the ever changing world. Read More...
Managing Director
The most important factor for a child is for him/her to be appreciated for whatever he/she is. Live a human life and live only with the fear of God.Our management and the teaching staff, remaining unfazed by success and laurels, are working incessantly with devotion and dedication to expand. Read More...
Director Message
"It gives me immense joy to see that our school has, over the years, acquired the true mark of excellence, not only in the field of academic Learning, but in all areas of educational activity. Youth resonates with infinite potential. Youth is our future. I believe that the students' accomplishments. Read More...



Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, solar-powered campus is spread across 5 acres sprawling with flora, making the environment perfect for unperturbed academic perusal. With this warm environment, our young minds thrive in their co-curricular.


Our Montessori, IB and Cambridge trained expert educators provide a world-class learning environment for our students. The teaching techniques are consistent across the school, allowing the students a smooth transition, in every subject across grades.


Health is true wealth. Our aim is to help the children develop healthy eating habits from a young age. Therefore, we include nutrition as an important factor in their learning skills. Developing a nutritious meal plan to provide a balanced diet for our students is an imperative prerogative.


Our innovative playground is specially designed for children’s outdoor activities with the safety and security of our students being concerns of the highest priority. In order to fulfil the important need for physical exercise, the outdoor play arena along with sports facilities.


The sports complex comprises of both indoor and outdoor sports activities with specialised trainers and coaches available for each activity. Squash, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, cricket are a few examples of the vast collection of activities available.


We believe each student is a flower just waiting to blossom. But like any flower, each requires its own unique level of care and nourishment to allow them to flourish. Thus each child is personally guided by their faculties. We believe in a self-paced curriculum which enables the children.


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