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The School Library provides an extensive range of abridged and original novels, reference books, newspapers, current affairs magazines, journals, educational CD’s and audio books. As part of the focus on E – learning, students are encouraged to use the internet and to access search engines and other educational sites to seek extra and updated information, regarding their curriculum and other co scholastic activities.


All classrooms are spacious, air- conditioned, bright and cheerful, with a large inventory of books, which makes this place a special one.


We provide swings, slides and climbing structures with all safety features, which helps our children to develop control in moving, climbing & balancing. And such activities are always done in presence of supervisor and teachers.


Physics lab stands with an understanding of future needs of the students, it is fully equipped with not only those instruments, which are related to C.B.S.E. curriculum but also those equipments which can be utilized to reinforce their grassroots understanding with physical world. Digital Projector in the lab helps the real-time subject related video playing from the sites like YouTube moreover it also helps in playing offline videos prepared by subject teachers keeping the needs of students in mind.


Chemistry lab consists a much bigger space. School has ensured that even a substantially big class could also easily accommodate and enjoy the largeness of the lab. The space also offers opportunity to Science teachers to hold lecture sessions right there in the lab while the practical is on.


The Biology lab is yet again a spacious and well equipped laboratory. The lab houses preserved marine creatures and also equipped with modern functional models. Digital Projector in lab helps a lot in animated demonstration of specimens related to Human Genome, Bio-technology and Bio-informatics.


The Math lab stands with its unique features. Lab houses variety of models and exhibits to explain and elucidate difficult formulas of trigonometry. It also has variety of games related to mathematical ability and calculations to generate the interest of young ones in mathematics. Installation of more interactive gaming consoles is in pipeline to optimize the output of the lab.


Students from grade I onwards have computer as a subject. The computer lab is well equipped with the latest and updated technology that keeps the students abreast with the changing technology.


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